USA don't walk away Ban Landmines Now!
USA don’t walk away
Ban Landmines Now!

PSALM students in Washington, D.C. Say...USA...Join the MBT!

PSALM say, A Mine Free world is "Mission Possible"
PSALM say, A Mine Free world is “Mission Possible”

PSALM (Proud Students Against Land Mines and Cluster Bombs) is an internationally recognized grass-roots organization that began as a social justice art project. Today, our supporters include community leaders, activists and politicians.  Students are encouraged to dream of a more just and peaceful world and to make that world a reality. PSALM students use their skills and talents to not only learn about these important issues, but to facilitate change for a better world. They are empowered to truly make a difference! These students donate their time, talent and energy because they care and want to work for a more just and peaceful world. PSALM students are working members of the West Virginia, United States, International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the Cluster Munition Coalition. In 2007, we expanded our mission to include advocacy toward a prohibition on the use, production, and transfer of cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians.

The Mission of PSALM/WVCBL is three-fold:

* To raise public awareness about landmines and cluster munitions AND THE NEED TO ERADICATE THEM FROM THE EARTH.

* To offer humanitarian assistance to landmine/cluster bomb survivors through our service projects and to raise awareness about survivor’s issues. TO ENCOURAGE INVOLVEMENT OF ALL IN ADDRESSING THESE ISSUES. 

* To encourage ALL countries, ESPECIALLY the United States, to JOIN the treaties banning the production, use and stockpiling of these weapons.


Please join us in urging our NATIONAL leaders to join the MINE BAN TREATY and CONVENTION ON CLUSTER MUNITIONS.

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