Paint Abstract Hearts in the Style of Jim Dine

“NO GREATER LOVE”: quote used to introduce some great sacrifice or demonstration of selfless goodwill. The phrase comes from the New Testament of the Bible (John 15:13): “Greater love hath no person than this, than to lay down their life for others.”

Each year, PSALM (PROUD STUDENTS AGAINST LANDMINES AND CLUSTER BOMBS) prepare an exhibit to educate the public about the work we do to raise awareness about landmines and cluster bombs and the organizations that are working to make the world a safer more peaceful place for all. 

THIS year, our theme reflects the willingness of people to go above and beyond to help others. No greater example of this is our very own beloved teacher at St. Francis School, Mrs. Adrianna Evans. This year, PSALM will dedicate our exhibit to her and her love and sacrifice for others. Our theme is “hearts” in our artworks will represent this love for others. 

Our exhibit will include information about the campaigns
around the world that work to alleviate suffering of others.