“PSALM: Proud Students Against LandMines”

Students designed a sculpture of 500 painted shoes with facts about landmines attached. We used the colors of the Colombian flag to represent ther devastation caused by landmines in Colombia.
PSALM Students attend ICBL/USCBL march in Washington, D.C.

Students stand in front of shoe pile on Capital Hill. Students contributed over 500 painted shoes with facts about landmines attached. Shoe pile was organized by the ICBL.

Our painted shoe sculpture is an on-going project. Students research facts about landmines and cluster bombs. The sculpture is used to educate the public.
The size and type of shoe represent the indiscrminate nature of these weapons.

West Virginia Campaign to Ban Landmines began in 1999 as an art project to educate the public about a global social justice issue. Students designed a sculpture of 500 painted shoes with facts about landmines attached. The sculpture was placed in various community locations and eventually traveled, along with the students, to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness. Students continue their efforts to this day to make a difference in the world!

Students Against Landmines known as “P.S.A.L.M.” (Proud Students Against Land Mines/Cluster Bombs) Of Morgantown, West Virginia are working members of the West Virginia, United States, International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the Cluster Munitions Coalition. The students work on various projects throughout the school year including: poster making, letter writing, petition drives, awareness days and presentations for local parishes and community organizations.

Students Against Landmines and the West Virginia Campaign to Ban Landmines are committed to educating the public about the devastation caused by landmines and cluster munitions, and recognize the indiscriminate nature of anti-personnel landmines leading to the destruction of innocent life, especially children, after wartime hostilities have ceased. Our mission includes advocacy toward a prohibition on the use, production, and transfer of cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians. The impact of unexploded cluster bombs on civilian populations has been particularly pronounced in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Lebanon.

Students are encouraged to dream of a more just and peaceful world and to make that world a reality. The students use their skills and talents to not only learn about these important issues, but to facilitate change for a better world. They are empowered to truly make a difference!



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Dear PSALM students, members, and supporters.

Your work to further the principles of human rights and social justice contributes greatly to creating a safe and equitable world. PSALM is a wonderful organization. Ms Sheets is a remarkable and caring teacher. Do not underestimate the power of your collective voice, embrace the ethic of assisting those who are in need, and continue to witness for peace.

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