Cluster Munition Coalition


20 years ago on November 13, 2003 campaigners from around the world met in The Hague to launch a coordinated, global civil society response to the growing problems created by cluster munitions: the Cluster Munition Coalition!

Together, we have come a very long way since 2003. The CMC has grown to hundreds of members around the world, and was instrumental in launching the Oslo Process in 2007 that led to adoption and signing of the Convention on Cluster Munitions in 2008.

WVCBL/PSALM joined the efforts to ban cluster munitions. PSALM students saw the same issues with cluster bombs as they did with landmines…the loss of life and limbs to indiscriminate weapons.

USA…Join the Team to ban landmines and Cluster Bombs!

Since then, the CMC and its members worldwide have continued playing a pivotal role in getting countries on board the Convention and ensuring governments take action on their obligations to deliver on the promise of a world free of cluster munitions.