The Convention on Cluster Munitions turns 15!

On December 3, 2008, the Convention on Cluster Munitions opened for signature in Oslo, Norway.

On this date 15 years ago at the Oslo City Hall, 94 States signed the most significant disarmament and humanitarian treaty of the decade, banning the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions, and obligating them to provide victim assistance and to clear contaminated land. Signatories of the Convention on Cluster Munitions included many of the world’s producers, stockpilers and past users, as well as some of the most seriously affected States.

To date, a total of 124 States have joined the Convention – 112 States Parties and 12 Signatories. The CMC, that was instrumental in launching the Oslo Process, continues to advocate for the full universalization and implementation of the Convention.

December 3 is also the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, as well as the anniversary of the signing of the Antipersonnel Mine Ban Convention.